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Twilio Conversion Tracking


Companies all over the world are marketing their companies using social media, radio and TV advertising, and print media such as newspaper ads, brochures, vehicle wraps and billboards. However, many of those companies are struggling to determine which platform provides the best return on investment. Effective marketing campaigns measure the performance of each campaign using a variety of techniques. An effective way to measure marketing campaign performance is to assign unique phone numbers to each marketing touchpoint, and then to track phone calls (and conversions) generated from each marketing touchpoint.

Technologies Used

  • Twilio - provides phone numbers and call tracking API (application programming interface)
  • Adobe ColdFusion - Imports Twilio phone call data daily into a SQL Server database, exports data in Microsoft Excel format, and includes business logic.
  • jQuery - JavaScript Framework
  • Data Tables - jQuery-based plug-in to enhance the display of data in a table (sorting, paging ...)
  • Kendo-UI - jQuery UI Components - used for the date picker functionality
  • Microsoft SQL Server - Database which stores conversation tracking information, including imported Twilio data and marketing touchpoint data.

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High Level Metrics

  • Data Current as of October 15, 2019
  • Total Imported Records (since March 6, 2019): 23178
  • Total Conversions (since March 6, 2019): 11765
  • Records Imported on October 15, 2019: 141
  • Conversions Recorded on October 15, 2019: 70

Conversions by Date Range/Location

Conversions Summary by Date Range